about the artist


Although I am a visual artist, I believe, above all things, I am a storyteller.  The tales I tell are about the ‘in-between,’ the spaces that lie between the multiple dualities of our humanity and live in the half-light of the landscapes of our interior. My art is a language to tell a myriad of stories: not only of my life, but also of those around me and the forgotten lives we might have led in some other place or time.

These in-between spaces are messy and often out of our control. They are that soft tug that grounds us to the present and the physical world.  We try to fool one another with the lie that humans fall somewhere outside of the physical, that our intellect pulls us out of the animal we truly are, placing the us in a category above what we believe is the ‘other.’ I hope, through my art, to investigate the idea of the self-domesticated human and the possibilities we could uncover if only left alone, to reintegrate with our physical and emotional selves.  I want to construct a language, using our collective mythology and imagery, to rediscover the possibilities within the stories we build around ourselves and our lives.

I have always been interested in stories.  They offer us a way to explain our experiences, not only to others, but also to ourselves.  Hard facts are unimportant through the fuzzy outline of perception and emotional experience, creating a kind of truth that may be fictional, yet strikes with such authenticity, it can take shape, feel heavy, drip through our fingers, pool at our feet.  These are the stories I wish to record and explore.  I am interested in the part of life that cannot be explained through science or reason, but the messy darkness each of us carries in our chest.